Thermomix vs Traditional Cooking

When deciding on buying Thermomix for your home, there are many aspects to be considered with. The main question usually is: “How much does it cost?” TM 31 not a cheap kitchen-machine (the prices start around $1700 when buying from the representative), but it can earn you back money spent on it by saving on the foods you otherwise would buy from the shop.

The main focus of Thermomix vs Traditional Cooking page is “How does Thermomix compare to the traditional cooking?”, which is also a question asked by the potential buyers.

My opinion is that Thermomix complements traditional cooking and definitely it shouldn’t completely replace it and I don’t think Thermomix will ever surpass it. There are many things that can be done with TM 31, but also there are foods or tasks that don’t suit with it very well — that’s one of the main reasons why TM 31 cannot completely replace traditional cooking methods. Just few examples: a properly made Tandoori Chicken comes from the tandoori-oven, or a stew with the larger chunks of meat cannot be cooked properly in Thermomix, or you cannot bake in TM 31. The world is full of different and unique food-making methods and TM 31 is not able to replicate them all, but it can still help you with cooking of numerous dishes and it makes pre-mixing, kneading, pulverising, grating and many other preparation methods very convenient for the user.

I created a table to compare these two cooking methods and actually, I cannot find many negative sides about any of these — although Thermomix seems to ease various tasks in the kitchen, I still enjoy making food traditional way. This table gives a simple overview of Traditional versus Thermomix cooking.


Thermomix vs Traditional Cooking:

Task Performed Traditional Cooking Cooking with Thermomix
Washing Dishes Most of us know how it is with traditional cooking- cook, eat, wash. Some dishes are harder to clean than others- depending on the cooking method. We need to use detergent and sponge or brush when we wash manually. Dishwasher, of course would ease the task. Thermomix enables us to clean the bowl from the bigger leftovers by using only water and the result is quite pleasing- it will look relatively clean, but sometimes TM 31 still will need cleaning manually or in dishwasher- Thermomix utilities are dishwasher-safe.
Cooking Rice Cooking rice by itself on the stove may be relatively difficult task for someone with no previous experience — it may not be easy to get the structure of the grain right. But it’s made easy these days with the rice-cooker, which can be purchased at electrical goods retailers and it doesn’t cost too much. Thermomix comes with the rice cooking instructions, which means it’s easy in TM 31 by following the provided steps.
Making Dough Making dough by hand may seem too laborous and a bit too scary task for some people — it needs a plenty of kneading and the arm-strength will be required. We also may not get it right always due to the technique or recipe used. Making dough is easy with Thermomix — simply place in the ingredients and follow the right machine-mode. I have prepared dough in TM 31 for baking many times and it always turns out really well! You don’t need any dough-making experience with Thermomix!
Chopping We are using a chopping-board and a knife for dicing or slicing in traditional cooking usually and it may take some time- depending on experience.Some people don’t like cutting, especially when dicing onions- for known reasons. We also need to sharpen the knife occasionally. Cutting the ingredients with Thermomix is easy, again- simply put them in the bowl and let the machine do the work for you. The size of the chopped pieces can be adjusted with the setup. Diced food in TM 31 don’t necessarily look cube-like, but it really doesn’t matter- it’s the taste which counts!
Stir-frying Vegetables We use wok in traditional cooking for frying usually and it requires the presence of the person to stir with the spatula. Frying in wok may cause the oil to splash, therefore there’s a need for caution. Still, the fried vegetables taste nice and I like cooking in the wok and the way it sounds. Stir-frying veggies in Thermomix is easy and splash-less, because we simply need to place the ingredients in the bowl and the machine does the rest. Actually, Stir Fried Vegetables from Thermomix are very tasty– in that controlled environment, all the plant-juices remain in the bowl and the result (i.e. how well cooked) is always spot on– and it adds to the flavour.
Whipping Eggs We need to use a mixer or do it manually when performing this task. It will be fast with the mixer — whipping yolks and egg-whites separately or together with the more powerful machine. We just need to be aware of the state of the eggs when doing it. Whipping eggs is very convenient in Thermomix — we only need to follow the instructions. I have to say that the best whipped egg yolks I have ever made came from TM 31. But beating whole eggs cannot be done in Thermomix, because the highest recommended speed for using “a butterfly” for whipping is Speed 4 and it’s not powerful enough for whipping yolks and whites together.

You can notice from the table, that Thermomix has many benefits for the user — the cleanliness, ease of cooking, taste, convenience. It all may add up when deciding on the purchase, but it cannot completely replace the traditional cooking!
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